Cubase Artist 9.5 crash - asssitance required


I recently acquired a new set up: Alienware Aurora desktop, Cubase Artist 9.5 loaded with Waves and XLN addictive drums VST plugins running on Windows 10 64 bit (fall creators update, latest one). My external sound-card is a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6. All drivers up to date.

When I try record, especially when modifying any Plugins, Cubase crashes showing the message “Cubase has stopped working” with no opportunity to save my work. This will happen within 2-3 minutes of opening any project, leaving me unable to record over the last week.

I have shared my last 2 crash files, when these are provided as well as my dxdiag with specific system specs here:

I have reinstalled windows, rolled back to previous updated as well as uninstalled all software and reinstalled it, the same issue keeps occurring. I really hope someone might be able to help me please. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  • Dan

ps. same setup on my old laptop has no latency, now I have 5ms which is noticeable when tracking guitars, hoping a fix for Cubase might help with this too. I see a lot of people are experiencing crashes with 9.5 - any news perhaps on a possible patch or fix soon?


Resolved and reported to Steinberg.

Hi Dan,

Is the crash still reproducible in the current Cubase 9.5.10, please?

Don’t know about Dan, but for Bob:
9.5.1 crashes every time I close the program. Just started a couple days ago. I’ve been experiencing occasional crashes previously with 9.5.1, but now it’s every time.
I usually do a “Quit” from the File menu but today I closed the project first and then quit. It still crashed.

Hi Bob,

Have you tried to trash Cubase preferences/Save Start Mode?

If it does crash even after, share the crash dump, please.

When updating, I pulled the preference file from 9.0. Is that an issue?

I wish the updates would do a little more of that for you. Finding files and rebuilding the workspaces is a frustrating process. I just want to get to work…


No, in general, it shouldn’t be an issue. The preferences should be moved to the latest version to make sure, you Cubase behaves the same way as before.

But if something happens in Cubase, we try to trash the preferences, to make sure, there is no conflict there. If you 1st remove C9.5 preferences, and it works, good. If it doesn’t work, you can try to remove all preferences folder and try.

Still crashing.
I do have a ticket open for the crashes but haven’t heard from anyone in a while. The crash files I have are not Cubase crash files. I guess they are Windows. Some are 120MB. Can’t email them. Could I Dropbox them?

Yes, Dropbox, please.

I PM’ed links…