Cubase Artist 9.5 Crashing entire machine

Just purchased Cubase Artist 9.5, and so far I’ve run into an extremely frequent and confusing crash of my entire machine. I haven’t been able to reproduce it to find a pattern because it’s so random, but it’s consistent enough to render the program unusable. Basically, everything freezes, audio cuts out, primary monitor (I have 4) produces what looks to be a garbled blue screen with no text, but with pieces of the cubase UI still visible. It hangs on this for about 15 seconds, then my machine restarts itself. Never had this issue before with any other DAW or program in general. Also, Cubase is not generating crash dumps for this. Not much to go by here.

System Specs:
Windows 10
ASUS M5 A99FX PRO R2 mobo
AMD 8 core FX+ Black edition
16gb ram
Nvidia GTX 970 (not relevant, but why leave it out?)
Cubase is installed on a secondary samsung ssd

Using a Line6 POD HD500 as an interface (odd I know, but it’s worked great with everything else) via USB
Casio Privia 88 key as a midi controller via usb

Any help would be sincerely appreciated. I’m new to Cubase and would really like to learn it, but so far, I can’t get anywhere with it.



Nvidia cards are not in a good shape, right now. Read some articles, please.

Make sure your plugins are up to date, please.

Does Cubase create crashdump file (documents/Steinberg/crashdumps)? If yes, could you share them?


As stated in the original post, Cubase is not generating crash dumps for this error.

I was, however, able to stabilize the program by updating the USB drivers of my motherboard, the flash memory on my POD/interface, and refraining from using the cubase dashboard (which people seem to be having issues with). After all this, and a little housecleaning of my startup and registry, I’ve yet to have a single crash so far. The latency on my midi controller even disappeared.

I’ll update this post should I start experiencing the crash again. But so far, so good.

Cheers and thanks.