Cubase Artist 9.5 Update from Cubase Artist 7

Please help someone. I have bought this update . I have the activation code etc, but i have absolutely no idea how to update/download it. I have downloaded the download assistant but have no idea what to do there either!!!

Thx :frowning:

Dounle click the arzist 9.5 installer and run it. Follow the steps outlined during the install process.
To download the license, open the eLicenser comtrol software, download the artist 9.5 license with the supplied download code. There should even be a video on the steinberg site on how to do this.

thx a lot for answering but where is the artist 9.5 installer?

and do i need to uninstall artist 7 ?

No you don’t need to uninstall Artist 7.
The download Assistant should have Artist 9.5 listed as a download. Download it from there and install.
You will then need to enter your activation code into the eLicense Control Centre.

thankyou . lets see how it pans out :slight_smile: