Cubase Artist 9 freezes while recording midi

Cubase Artist 9 freezes while recording midi. I can close it only in Task Manager but it still works in the background for about 20 minutes. I have a PC with I7 processor and 32 GB in memory.


Could you describe your MIDI routing, please? Make sure, there is no MIDI loop.

well, I use a Roland keyboard, I send MIDI messages from MIDI OUT to one of the USB ports of my PC. It receives the sound of the keyboard through an audio interface (Roland Duo Capture). I use AsIO driver. Is that enough information?


So you are not using any virtual Instrument, right? Do you have an Audio track in your project to monitor the Roland sound?

The output of the MIDI track is routed back to Roland?

I’m not using virtual iunstruments (at the moment), I don’t have an audio track in the project. Yes,
the MIDI output is routed back to the keyboard.