Cubase Artist error in Cubase 7 ?! (DCOM)

I’m having problems in my 32bit system. Lately I can’t open some VSTs like Kontakt without having a Cubase Crash, also this message is appearing:

“Cubase Artist 7 has caused the following error DCOM Connection to program Synsopos.exe Failed”

But I don’t have Cubase Artist (never had) :confused:


Just for sure, do you have last update of eLicenser Control Center?

Btw, there is Cubase 7 Artist licence in the Cubase 7 licence, I think.

I have the version

I saw now that the latest version is the**7** :confused:

I hope this fix the constant crashes. thanks

I see, in this case, it’s really strange. :-/

I, too am growing increasing amounts of gray hair over this issue. I have Cubase Artist 7, running Windows 7. All seemed fine until I added an extra USB card and allowed Cubase to update, since then, I cannot get past the synsopos.exe/DCOM errors, crash-bang-BOOM and I am dead in the water. I’ve gotten a crazy technical solution from tech support (which was by the way) but to no avail, a normal computer user would have fits doing the DOS prompt work he suggested, and yet it still did the exact same thing, NO progress. I have since sent a screen capture and a 4 minute long video documenting what I have been dealing with for 2 days now. I have done a system restoration and nothing makes it go away. I am so angry and frustrated, but they have me by the hair (I’m a chick so the normal bodypart I’m missing there) because I have worked and saved my files in Cubase Artist 7, was so excited about it, now I can’t open a DAyum thing. What now?

I opted for don’t use any 32bit plugins anymore. No crashes since there… if it helps…