Cubase Artist & EZdrummer

I have Cubase Artist 6 and Cubase artist 8 both loaded into my computer. I am using EZdrummer and want to take advantage of multiple outputs. I go thru all the steps to do that, (DEVICE - VST INSTR - ACTIVATE ALL OUTPUTS, ETC.) and in Artist 6, all the individual parts show up on the main screen. I follow the same procedure in Artist 8 and the individual tracks DO NOT show up on the main screen. Is there any reason why it doesn’t work in Artist 8?


Use this icon [-> next to the VSTi name in the output field of the Track name tab in the Inspector.

Yes, I did that. I also went to the EZdrummer MIXER and right clicked on the 1st channel and selected MULTICHANNEL. It works great with Artist 6, but can’t get it to work with Artist 8. I’ve watched every YouTube video about this just in case there is an extra step I’m missing in Version8.

I’m an idiot! I just figured it out. Artist6 automatically displays all the tracks opened. Artist8 makes multichannels but the tracks are automatically collapsed! I just had to open the collapsed track and there they were. Sorry Martin.

I’m glad you solved it. :wink:

You are right, in the Project window, the Return Channels are hidden as a Automation tracks. In the MixConsole window, the Return Channels should be visible immediately.