Cubase Artist has caused an error with eLicencer 😂

Ridiculous, i don’t even have Artist. I have Pro.

Why? I just about get what i have crashing, although there is no reason for it, but telling me a program I don’t have has crashed?
Come on Steinberg., id expect more from you at this level.

Ok, yeah, its a rant, I’m not asking for help as there isnt any, other than wipe my PC completely, move to another country and try again in safe mode etc.


Even though you are not asking for a help…

The .crash/.dmp file might bring some more light.

Make sure you have the latest eLCC application and Cubase update installed, please.

How old is your USB-eLicenser? Do you plug it to USB2 or USB3 port, please?

No crash dump, no error message when restarting other than the safe mode screen. No indication of what the issue was on that screen.

eLicencer up to date as of yesterday. Been using CB every day and not had any issues.
Quite often I’ll leave CB open for days without use it it.
I loaded up a midi file to a new project. Had a play around with it for about 40mins. Went off to make some lunch. Watched a bit of TV then went back to my PC. The error about Artist was on the screen. Then another about Halion. NoIndication what the errors were, only that they had happened.

I’m guessing it’s a one off, which is why I’m not expecting help.
It’s more to just make it known.

I never touch the dongle. Ive never needed to. It’s one of the things that I’ve never had an issue with.
The Halion issue was HSSE3, not my licensed version of HS 3, which was not loaded.

Still, why Artist and not Pro I’m the error?