Cubase Artist Input/Output limits


I’m having some trouble with my in/out limits. I see Artist allows 32 ins and outs combined.

So I have a 18i20 and recently got an ES-3 with 8 ADAT outputs. The problem is that Cubase Artist is just taking the first 32 inputs and outputs in the list as the ones i want to use, when in fact I’m not using the 8 ADAT inputs or the spdif inputs and outputs, but the ADAT outputs are at the bottom of the list and I can only get 2 of the 8 channels to register.

I know its Cubase as Abelton lets me route fine.

I’ve tried changing the number of busses in the audio connection but this did not work.

So I then tried to change the outputs and inputs all the right channels are showing as active and the unused spdif and ADAT (inputs) show as “inactive” but they still seem to be taking up slots on the Input+Output combined 32 max list.

Can this be classed as a bug surely as inactive channels should not be taking up a slot on input/output thats not being used?

Anyone know of a workaround to be able to use the inputs/outputs i actually want with the 32 limit that includes inactive channels in the list?

Just a thought…
What happens if you delete some of the already active I/O buses that you dont use? Maybe that will allow some of the inactive ones to become active.

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I tried that already. Thats not how the I/O are counted.

Cubase Artist has some rather annoying limitations that are just implemented really badly this isn’t the first limitation for artist that i’ve come across that is buggy :frowning:

It seems to me that it just counts 32 down this list and thats it whether they are inactive or not or whether your using them or not… Its got to be the reason the rest of my ADAT ports are not working because if i count 32 straight down the only 2 woking ADAT outs are the last 2 in that list. This really sucks i have to say Cubase Artist I would not reccomend right now all the limitations are buggy as heck i had another “limitation” from pro that was buggy recently 2, not as serious as this one i might add, what am i even supposed to do here cough up £240 i dont have because of Cubase shoddy implementations?

Does Cubase have a support person here or a email i can speak to someone about this because i really need those outputs working… not the spdif ones that are inactive :frowning: or 8 ADAT inputs that are inactive and unused :frowning:

You are probably right but, have you actually gone into Studio>Audio Connections and deleted and added I/O buses in that menu?

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Yes of course I’ve tried that I stated it in my first post and my earlier response.

Does steinberg have a technical help email address where i can speak to them directly?

I even tried that again incase you were hinting to me that somehow I was doing something wrong and that the I/O were infact counted in the audio connection page (like one would assume they would be…) but alas I can delete them all except the ADAT outs and still only the two that are numbers 31 and 32 in the other list i posted work. I’m 99% certain due to the amount of time testing this that must be the reason they are not working yet work fine in any other DAW Abelton and Reaper.

Could you try to set the sampling frequency to 96 kHz just to see what would happen? I’m thinking you might get two more ADAT out since there will be 4 less ADAT in…
Not that this will help you much, but it might give a little more insight to what’s going on.

Also, if there is some kind of stand alone mixer for your sound card there might be a possibility to turn off in- and outputs physically to have them not show up in Cubase?

You may need someone with Artist and exactly the same hardware to check this for you as it seems weird…
I don’t have Artist but if I put my RME Babyface with 32 inputs & outputs on my Laptop with Elements I can choose to use whichever ones I want from the list (all 32 of the inputs/32 of the outputs) when I try in Elements which has an even great limit in theory.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding…

Also as strummer suggests, is there anything in RME’s TotalMix software that might affect this? (I don’t think there is but might be worth double chcking).

Have you tried to tick off Visible on the channels you don’t want (from your picture)