Cubase Artist Main Window (Help)

Hi folks,

i have Cubase Artist 6 and have been studying the Tutorial dvd which came with my package.

One of the chapters discusses using and configuing the Main Window Page within Cubase, no problem. However, the demonstration shows the Main Window Page with an extra horizontal bar in the upper section of the screen and i do not seem to be able to locate or work out how to open up this particular feature ?? It just appears on the screen in the dvd and no explaination seems to be given of how to access it.

i am sure it is nothing complicated but i have tried clicking on many various icons but i have not been able to work out the correct procedure. i watched the dvd quite a few times and tried locating the facility in the pdf manual but again i have not been successful.

So, the top line currently consists of File/Edit/Project/Audio etc icons.

Second, is Transport/Object Selection/Snap/Bar/Quantize etc.

Thirdly, is Beats+Bars/Time Linear/Indicators etc.

Now, on the dvd the THIRD line read as Start/Grid/Length/Offset/Fade/Transpose etc. It is this one which i am trying to obtain ?? !!

It would be great is someone can help me how on this please.



Sounds like the info line.

Can be activated/deactivated from the “Setup Window Layout” button on the toolbar.

Hi Shinta,

Thanks very much indeed.

Is this easy to do and locate ?? i think it probably is the ‘Info Line’ but am still a little unsure what i need to do ??



Click the “Setup Window Layout” button on the toolbar (second button from the left on the bar at the top with the transport controls).
Check “info line”

Sorted !!!

Thanks very much indeed !!

i have another couple of posts asking various questions Cubase related. If you are able to take a quick look and offer any help that would be really fantastic.



That worked Shinta. Thanks a lot as i just could not find it before !!