Cubase Artist opens intead of Cubase Pro 10.5 (Mac) (Catalina)


Sometimes when I hit the Cubase 10 Pro Icon, the Cubase Artist light grey window appears and starts to open… I didn´t know I had that one installed… :smiley: , some elicencers erros follow, then I force quit and after restart most of the times it works and Cubase Pro opens… any thoughts???
I have the latest updates on everything I have.

They are the same installation. The program just looks at your license and enables the Pro features if you have the Pro License.
My guess is that, sometimes, it fails to correctly read your license on startup. Have you tried running maintenance in the eLCC?

Yes, and reinstall the software also a couple of times, maybe the usb is damaged or something?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, did you also update the eLicense Control Center to the newest version?

Likely. It happened to me in the past. I’d try using a different USB port and, if that doesn’t work, replacing the dongle with one of the newer ones.

I have had the exact same problem - with Cubase 10.5 on macOS Catalina.

Never happened before. I have changed my dongle, changed USB ports, always had elcc up to date, made no difference. UNTIL: (possibly) - the 10.5.11 hot fix. I haven’t yet had an incorrect opening of Cubase Pro since installing this.

To be honest it’s reassuring to read someone else having the same issue. Have you installed the .11 hot fix?


This is an e licenser ERROR that doesn’t seem to get fixed. That is all

Long live the e licenser