Cubase Artist requires the USB eLicenser

Okay so I had to buy the packaged product version of Cubase Artist 7 and that means I got the eUSB licenser. Then, later, I tried to launch the program after taking out the USB and it said ‘No valid license found.’ That means I have to have the USB thing in my computer every single time I want to use the software? I bought it. I proved I own it. I shouldn’t have to prove I own it every single time I launch the program. My computer doesn’t have an infinte number of damn USB slots on it! I need those! Someone please tell me I’m missing something and there’s a way I can convert this License back to the software version so it automatically takes care of itself like the licence I had on Cubase 6.

You can try using a powered USB hub for some of your other requirements and keep the dongle in place permanently as we all do. I had only 2 USB slots on the old computer but the hub works and it is very inexpensive, a few dollars

when used to have cubase 5 i remember i could launch cubase with the dongle, then remove the dongle and cubase was running just fine, now if i remove the dongle while C7 is running it stops C7.

well i never took the advantage of that old behavior but it could be nice in live performances where u can launch cubase and then take the dongle off , or at studio running multiple studio/laptop computers at same location with cubase :smiley: :exclamation:

nope , usb hardware dongle it is , you obviously didn’t research before buying then …

So you actually want to be able to prove you bought it with the dongle, then never use it again, so you’ll be able to install Cubase on a friend’s computer, prove you bought it, then never use it again…?

I’m not saying you’re trying to find a way to use the software illegally, but the thing is… it’s a working licensing system!

I’m happy that it’s working the way it is, tbh! It’s a small dongle, doesn’t bother me at all and I’m sure this way Steinberg makes more (loses less) money, so they can invest more in new software en updates :slight_smile:


I have to say that it is amazing to see people still buying a $500 license for an application, not doing any research into that investment, and then write a post saying “Seriously!?”. I mean, that was my first response to you buying the software without even checking the software requirements. After all, you could have been missing a whole lot more than an available USB port. Anyway, requirements are clearly mention on the specs & downloads page.

Nevertheless, enjoy Cubase 7, it is simply awesome!

I bought that car, and everytime I want to drive it, I have to use the key. Seriously!?

:mrgreen: :smiley: haha… funny

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This is an invalid comparison.

The carkeys benefit the driver of the car, the USB - key to Cubase only benefits Steinberg and annoys the user.

It doesn’t annoy me.

Would you prefer others to be able to illegally and freely use the software you paid for?

I consider the hardware dongle a benefit. Just as a car key is meant to control who operates the car …

I’d be rather peeved if when I come to use the program I find someone has altered parameters and reconfigured it. If they don’t have a key they can’t run it and change things! So in that way, it protects and benefits me. :wink:

Ever heard of a USB hub?

Actually, you didn’t buy the software and you don’t own it. Steinberg owns the software. You agree to let them install their software on your computer and you buy a license to use their software on your computer. Steinberg has the right to protect their software from illegal use just as you have the right to buy and use a different product.

Actually, it does benefit the user. You just don’t see it yet. I’ll explain. If the software was stolen and copied many times, that would decrease revenue. Since Steinberg is a business and has to pay their bills with revenue (i.e. not a government agency that can operate at a loss for billions every quarter on taxpayer money), this helps keep the cost of the product down. Like the car keys, we would rather not have to carry them but we understand that they are a part of a solution to a problem. Also like the car keys, the dongle annoys the thief the most, which is the purpose.

I cant see how this was possible unless you mean Cubase VST 5 circa 2001. At least since Cubase SX my understanding is that Cubase does calls to the dongle throughout any session. This was a complaint 10 years ago as many noticed a performance hit (I never noticed personally).

Not every action taken causes dongle calls. even in C7 you can record and playback without the dongle attached…

i guess its not cubase but syncrosofts updates… it was by accident i discovered it back than with C5 but i didn’t actually launched cubase with 1 dongle on multiple computers cuz i didnt have to back then.
when had C7 just outta curiousity i tried removing the dongle while C7 running and cubase 7 stoped. it was like 4 months ago…
maybe now its different ? i’ll try it later !

It annoys me a lot. I would like to use Cubase on my notebook as well, but this puts the dongle at risk of being destroyed, damaged or worn out (the USB contacts!).

So the dongle puts me in a very bad position actually - I have to buy a spare USB key (which is also sunken costs), contact support in case of loss, etc…

Yes, the dongle annoys me. Other companies can do without (I own a lot of music software, including NI Komplete 8) - whats so special again about cubase7.exe that it can’t have a working copy protection without some clunky hardware?

NI’s copy protection is not effective, Kontakt is cracked. I think they can live with that since a lot of the value in their product comes from the content which is enormous, thus difficult to download.

if you search for “kontakt torrent” you will see that people are using cracked versions.

The Steinberg dongle works. This software has arguably more functions than any other daw. After the initial investment, If you update every two years it costs $8.33 per month, and there are ways to buy it at a lower price than full retail if you really need to save money. (ebay, academic versions if you are a poor student or teacher)

I respect Steinberg’s effort to maintain control over their product.

The contacts on your dongle are not going to wear out from plugging it in and pulling it out of the socket. C’mon. I used it on a Macbook Pro for years, I managed to never lose or break it, and I lose or break many things I own!

I find it entirely lame that people would complain about the price of Cubase, or that they might spend another $25. to protect their investment. Which is not even necessary, you can always just not lose your dongle, or buy the replacement when you need it. My suggestion earlier allowed that the OP lived in a location where it would be hard to obtain one, like say, Ukraine, or the eastern side of Afghanastan. :wink:

Oh, thats bad for NI. Their products are really good. :frowning:

I just wish there was a solution, but I think I’ll try the extension cord - thing.