Cubase as a video playback system

Hi, I’m thinking about using Cubase on a separate computer for a video playback system. My question is, do I have to buy Cubase Pro to make this work? Or can I use the cheaper option of Cubase Elements or Artist. Here are the features I need. I’ve already looked on the feature comparison page, and my below questions are not answered.

  1. Does Cubase Elements (or Artist) include VST System Link? And if so will it receive signal/sync coming from Cubase Pro?

  2. Does Cubase Elements (or Artist) play back all video file formats that Cubase Pro supports?


Why not use xjadeo or similar if all you want is video playback?

Never heard of xjadeo, but I’ll look into it. We’ve been using Video Slave for a long time but it’s been unreliable for us recently and despite communicating with the developer we haven’t been able to fix the issue we’ve been having. So I wanted to try Cubase with VST System Link. I suppose I could install a trial version of Cubase Elements, but I was hoping for a quick answer here if someone already knew.