Cubase as simple midi sequencer + recorder for ext. hardware.


I’m trying to work out a good workflow for a thing I’m often doing. It’s a bit hard to explain it for me, so bear with me.

I mainly use external hardware, but I do enjoy also using cubase to sequence a little bit of it here and there with MIDI.

A typical use case for me may be a more involved sequence using elektron sequencers and my modular system.
While this is running, I like sending a few bars of loops from cubase into my hardware to sequence it. The Cubase sequence is generally just a few bars long, so what I do is I loop the sequenced events from cubase, and do the rest on hardware.

Now, my problem is when I want to record this. Since Cubase is generally just looping a short segment, and all my audio and other sequencing comes from external gear… but what I want to record may be quite a lot longer. Sometimes jams go up to 10 min or so, and I would want to use that midi data from cubase throughout, but I don’t know beforehand how long it’ll be…so I feel just copying the midi data from cubase over and over isn’t a great solution.

What I’d like is essentially to mark the section as an arrangement, and loop the said arrangement in Cubase until i hit stop, and I want it to record whatever came in on my audio interface over this duration.

Anyone have any ideas? :question: :smiley:

If you select the correct loop recording mode this will work. It will record the loop over and over as different lanes. But in fact it is just one audio file. If you right drag the edge of the first lane, you will see it is the complete recording.

Oh wow that is perfect. I had no idea it worked like that. Thanks a lot for enlightening me!