Cubase asking me to download content already included in Elements? Why the need to download it twice?

Hi, ok so I just bought, downloaded and installed Elements 11. I see there are options in the Download Assistant to install other stuff like Halicon SE, Groove Agent, loops/samples etc. However when I started up Elements 11, I see these are already in there. So why are Cubase offering the option to download them separately if they’re already in the programme? Unless Elements 11 happens to be using versions of Halicon and Groove Agent from the Cubase 10.5 trial I previously had (which has now expired, but is still on my computer)?

As an experiment, I downloaded the additional Halicon SE to see if it added anything extra, and it put an icon on my desktop for it - when I click it, it opens Halicon SE without even opening Cubase. What??? This doesn’t make sense.

So can anyone please clear up this confusion for me? Thanks.

  1. For previous versions the Cubase installation was one giant file. From C11, they separated the installation files so you dont’ need to download and install content you don’t want. You already have this stuff because it was included with your 10.5 Trial.

Now, there are some additional content for C11 you may want do download/install (the 6 new sample sets). And the instruments (like HAlion Sonic SE 3 and Groove Agent SE 5) have been updated for C11, so you should install those updates too (not the instrument contents though, since you already have that).

  1. HAlion Sonic SE can also operate in standalone mode, so you can jam with it without using Cubase.

Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up. Actually I see the version of Groove Agent they offer for download is 5.30, and Halicon SE is 3.4.10, so maybe these are higher versions than the ones in Elements 10.5. So you’re saying I don’t need to download/install the content for these as I already have it from 10.5? Why is the content offered, then - is there anything new not included in the previous version?

Also, what happens if I uninstall Cubase LE or Elements 10.5? Will all the content from C11 disappear? I might actually uninstall the previous versions but we’ll see.

The content is there so you can download them whenever you want. But you don’t need that now ,since you already have that content from your trial version. If your hard disc crashes and you don’t have a backup you’ll need them again - there they are.
There are some other additional content for C11 though, the 6 new sample sets.

Uninstall of applications and content is separate.

Ok thanks - so in other words, newer versions of Cubase use content from previous versions if they’re already in the Steinberg folder? I had originally thought that C11 would create new folders for its installation and all content, but now I am not so sure.

But I’m wondering, if I did uninstall 10.5, would it still keep the content (and just erase the actual programme) or would it all be deleted? (Edit: I just read what you added ‘Uninstall of applications and content is separate’, so I can safely uninstall 10.5 without worrying about losing the content).

Also, when I download the newer versions of Halicon SE, Grove Agent as you suggest, etc does it simply overwrite the old versions?

Yes, it uses the content from previous versions. I just installed C11 (without the instrument content), and it uses the content from my last version (C10). Application and content are totally separate. I don’t even have them on the same disc.

Yes, when you install the downloaded instrument updates, it willl overwrite the old instrument files. Cubase 11 will install separately from earlier major versions though, side by side.

Yes, they are newer, you need to install the updated instruments - but not the content to the instruments (it’s the same as before).

Actually, if you watch the Download Assistant closely, you’ll see there are two icons for “Cubase Elements 11” - one with the word UPDATE and one without. You simply need to download what’s in the UPDATE folder (Cubase, instruments, and the 6 new sample packs if you want - all this are new for 11). Notice that there are no instrument content in the Update folder… The other folder contains everything (including everything you already have), if you install from scratch.

Ah crumbs - I did notice there were two icons for Elements 11 - one with the word UPDATE and one without. But I didn’t know the difference, so I actually downloaded and installed Elements 11 from the one without the word UPDATE (as well as the new versions of Halicon SE, Grove Agent and the new Synthwave sample/loop pack). I hope this is going to be ok?

Yes, it doesn’t matter from which of these 2 icons/folders you actually downloaded/installed.

The Update folder is just a help to see what things are new for C11 (compared to 10.5), so you don’t download more stuff than you need to (the stuff that’s not in the Update folder was included with 10.5, so you already have it).