cubase assigns wrong instances of halion 5

have some annoying issue
i have that from while to while, with halion 5 instances when opening existing project,when i have several instances of halion 5 has multi timbral vst instrument tracks.

for example:
3 halion 5 instances in a project as vst instrument tracks.
on the first there are some strings on the second some brasses and the third some percussion
i assigned all midi inputs and audio routings and all play as should, but on occasion when opening the project the string midi tracks have the halion with the percussion instances so the string midi track plays percussion sounds etc…:exclamation:
so i need to assign all midi track routing to the correct Halion 5 instrument track.

didn’t test it thoroughly,but i think it doesn’t happens with halion sonic, kontakt etc… or with rack instances of halion 5