cubase audio capture issues

I’m not so good with terminologies so bare with me…cubase studio 5 is basically not capturing audio properly, it only records a bit of audio if any, and chops off the rest, it appears to have a lag as well

Quad-Core Processor, 6 GB RAM, 640 GB hard drive
Vista 64

Cubase studio
Recording from motif xs synth
presonus firestudio mobile interface

Not much to go on!

Have you got drop out at right locator selected?

Audio lag… Have you selected the correct driver and adjusted the buffer size?

Thanks for the response. After further investigation I have determined my problem lies in my presonus fire studio interface, because all recording or playback inside or outside of cubase still comes out choppy and distorted, I used my interface for windows media instead of cubase and it was still choppy, so I don’t believe cubase is the problem… any suggestions on what the problem may be. I have the latency under 5 and my buffer rate is as low as it can go right now.

Try increasing latency/buffer. What IEEE1394 chipset is the Firestudio connected to?