Cubase - audio card disconnects every few minutes

Hi, I have a problem that I cannot resolve.
Every time I open a Windows folder and in the worst case even change a plugin preset, Cubase 10.5.30 loses connection with the audio card. Sometimes also spontaneously when playing a track. I think I’ve tried everything to fix this. Finally, as a last step, a formatted SSD with a new Windows 10 installation. Even with the new SSD, the problem is still present. After some research I suspect it is a system interrupt error. I’ve also adjusted several things in the BIOS but nothing helps, very frustrating.

This is the message I get in Cubase “The audio hardware using the” behringer X-UF USB ASIOx64 "audio driver was removed from your computer.
I have to turn the Behringer X32 off and on again to connect

Hopefully someone can help me.



First, I would try to connect the Audio Device by using different USB cable and maybe other USB port.


I’ve already changed the USB, unplugged everything and left only the audio card plugged in. The fact that I have the same problem on a different SSD with a new windows 10 and cubase 10.5.30 installed indicates that the problem is elsewhere I think? I downloaded a program that registers system interrupt errors, there were hundreds of them. As far as I understand, these errors are CPU core miscomminations? This would be about the division of tasks over the different cores. In my case it is an 8 core.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. New computer, windows 11, with I7 and started losing audio. If i step away , when i come back audio driver is dropped. When I hit play there is no Audio nothing registering on the faders until I restart. Never had this issue until I upgraded to a new computer. same issue on 2 new pc’s. I’m using a Mackie onyx FireWire mixer, no driver updates available. So frustrating I just want to compose music and not debug this…

Hi everybody!
Similar issue here: Cubase 12, not so new machine here, still on win 10, ryzen 7
Cubase kind of looses connection to the (onboard) USB connected RME UFX II.
This may happen when Cubase starts up, and regularly when a audio file is imported. No matter what sample rate, etc.
Workaround: changing the interface driver back and forth brings it back up. Also, under audio connections, reselect the chosen configuration might do the job.

Never had any issue with Cockos Reaper! So I doubt it’s an hardware fault.