Cubase - audio drop outs every couple of minutes

Hi there, I’m using Cubase Pro 12 with a RME Fireface UC under Windows 10.

Every couple of minutes when working in Cubase (audio only) the sound drops out for some seconds.
In the Windows task manager, usually the Ethernet and harddisks monitor have gone up til the top then. CPU and RAM dont react at all.

What is this, and what can I do about it?

Thank you! Stefan


Find out, which application makes the disk so busy, please.

hi, I suppose the problem is your hdd, if it is external try using an internal to see what happens.
If it’s internal then you need a faster disk, ideally separate from your system’s drive. Get ssd’s.
I dont think ethernet has anything to do with this except if your disks are nas. if not disable your network connection as you dont really need it for the daw and check what happens

It is an internal hdd. (not an ssd). But it is not the drive, that has the system on it.
However, I have onedrive and dropbox on that drive running. Could that be it?

(In fact, the Cubase file I’m working on is in that onedrive folder - which I would basically prefer to have as a permanent backup. How do you do that? Do you work from a folder, that is connected to a cloud?)

Thanks for the input!

No, definitely not. You should use an internal (fast) disk and always have the project’s folder on that.
Run your backups independently, after you re done with whatever you re working on.
This is the cause of your dropouts.
Make the switch and test it yourself, it should work without problems. cheers


I’m with you on this - potential failing hard drive. I’d take it out and see if the problem persists, then back it up.

Hi Stephan. Regarding the issue you’ve been experiencing, it might be a good idea to try a troubleshooting step. Please attempt to remove the plugins on the master bus one by one, completely removing them (not removing the bypass) and see if this resolves the problem.
It’s worth noting that some plugins can generate silence if they’re not activated. By eliminating them from the chain temporarily, you can narrow down whether any of these plugins are causing the issue.

Of course, this is just one potential solution among many others, but it’s a good starting point for diagnosing the problem.

Install this:

It will tell you, if a driver is using too much resources.

Having the same issue with Cubase 12 Pro and RME Fireface UCX on Windows 11 Pro (audio is output for a minute then it’s muted for a minute, and this repeats). I’ve tried reinstalling, safe starting Cubase with no 3rd party plugins or preferences and the issue still occurs - did you manage to get this resolved?

@Mystic ok no 3rd party plugins but what about steinberg products? any expired or demo/trial products installed? You can check on download manager.

Hi all,

I solved it! The problem was indeed the fact, that I had my Cubase session in a OneDrive (cloud) folder.

Thank you all for your input!

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The only software that was being loaded is licensed Steinberg stuff - no trials at all.

It seems the problem lay with the RME UCX - the soundcard was plugged into a USB powered hub. I didn’t expect that the audio interface would be causing such consistently timed audio dropouts but since I’ve plugged the device directly into a USB port on the laptop - no dropouts (touch wood it stays that way!). Incidentally the way I suspected it might be the audio device was by loading one a Native Instruments synth as a standalone (with Cubase not opened) - and voila - exactly the same issue with the audio - I can plonk on the keyboard and get sound but after 30 seconds the audio fades and disappears and then returns after another 30 seconds or so - tried using the generic low latency driver on the same standalone instrument and suddenly there were no dropouts!

Lesson learnt after 3 days of tedious uninstalling/ reinstalling/ testing: do not plug your RME audio device into any hub -powered or not!!

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