Cubase audio export inserts silence at beginning of file!?

I’m preparing for live performance (gulp…). So I started to export clips from my Cubase songs “en masse” by setting up stems and using Export Cycle Markers. But when importing into Ableton timing always seemed weird so I started looking at the waveforms.

It seems like Cubase “invisibly” inserts 20 or so ms of silence at the start of the files!? To double check I loaded them into Audacity, and sure enough - silence in the beginning there too. Silence that doesn’t show up in Cubase.

Here are screen shots of a 1/4 note audio Click, generated from Cubase 9.5 with the default click sound. No plugins, no external processing.

I could of course edit that out in Ableton but there are hundreds of clips. And there’s a big risk of user error. So does anybody have a clue??
Click Audacity.PNG
Click Audacity.PNG
Click Cubase 9.5.PNG

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Are you using Ozone or other very, very CPU and super-latency-heavy plugins on your master? Everyone I know with every DAW. including me, has a tiny bit of silence at the beginning if they use Ozone on their master.

Interesting. Not Ozone but some other quite taxing plugs on the Stereo Out. And I have five stems, each of them with the same FX-chain as Stereo Out (want be able to switch any of them in or out during performance so they need the same eq, comp and limiting). If I have all those FX-chains active at the same time and hit Play the computer grinds to an immediate halt even if I set my RME driver to max latency… But Audio Export/Mixdown has tagged along nicely so I assumed it should be fine.

Will definitely test this when I get to my computer later today! Thanks a bunch for input!

A very interesting result here at Gearslutz:

Turns out that the problem is with the mp3-export. Totally reproducible. Will submit a bug report.

Don’t think this is a bug as such…All mp3 encoders will add some silence.

Also, I suspect that Ableton will convert mp3 to lossless on import, so could be all you’re achieving by exporting mp3 from Cubase is quality loss.

Good luck with your gigging!

Oh, interesting again. Very informative read.

I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that this was maybe too obvious to be a bug. Will update other posts on the subject. Thanks!

Interesting! I just assumed it was Ozone because when friends export using Ozone on Pro Tools or Logic, there’s a tiny gap in the beginning also. When I export WAVs using Ozone there’s a tiny gap at the beginning, too, as with those other DAWs.