Cubase audio files corrupt?

Ran into a very odd problem today.

Opened up a project and no files were missing, everything seemed cool. When I played the project some of the audio files weren’t playing anything and I realized those tracks had no waveforms. I opened up the files in the Finder and noticed they’re not even a second long, but the file size says it’s over 124MB (the original was a 7 minute track). What the heck is going on???

On Cubase 13 / MacStudio M2 Max / Sonoma … tried to open it up in Cubase 11 cause that’s the Cubase I used when I created the project a few months ago, same problem.


What do you get, if you try to Get Info of the file?

File size correct, audio duration not (((

I read about opening a Raw Data file in Audacity to try to save the data but that just opened a mess of white noise.

I’ve found a “SOLUTION”…

I imported the corrupted audio files into Audacity as Raw Data, but that just showed up as white noise. I imported with a Start offset of 2 bytes and that opened the audio files just fine, exported them as a new files and I could now open them in Cubase.

Unfortunately I had over 10 corrupted audio files which I had to fix. Maybe one day someone from Cubase will tell me how my files got corrupted like this.