Cubase Audio Loop Bounce keep popping

Hi everyone
Really sorry if this has been asked and answered in other areas but I am several hours in to researching this problem and I have yet to find a solution.
Background - I am a sound designer for a game so I treat audio, create samples, loops etc etc

In this case I am trying to Export a loop of steam train whistle. I have 2 EQ’s a limiter set to 0db (just safe guarding) a hint of tape saturation at 1.8db and thats about it. No FX’s on the Stereo out and I am using Cubase 7.5 - (i find it simple and ruggid, not many plugins it suits me just fine)

I am exporting this loop, perfectly snapped, cut, made, created and it plays back perfectly in Cubase, however on export there is a POP. It seems to add in ‘deadspace’ of a milli-second at the end of the audio file thus its not a perfect loop anymore. The audio goes on to pop on loop in the game. It wasnt until recently till I imported into other audio workstations that I found out that it WAS Indeed Cubase inserting this Error?/Bug? into the audio file bounce

Here is the audio visual in question, my export settings - (the game only accepts .wav in 16bit and mono) as well as the settings for my device - Focusrite Scarlet 18i8 first Gen

If you are able to add any assistance, id appreciate it so much, i honestly would
Thanks for reading

The pop is more than likely you not finishing the looped audio at ‘Zero crossing’ of the sample . You need to start and finish the loop on the Zero axis

Hi, thanks for replying

Sadly No!, i didn’t think this would solve it. Like i say in my initial post it actually loops perfectly fine in Cubase it just happens to be something Cubase is doing during the export. Needles to say i tried anyway, so i enabled ‘Snap to Zero Crossing’ I then remade the loop from the raw audio. perfectly snapped the region selection, tested the loop in Cubase - once again perfect and then exported.
I re imported the audio into a seporate channel using the same time selection and as you can see from the audio waves. the RAW audio is edited to a ‘Snap to Zero Crossing’ where as the exported audio isnt. It is 100% an issue related to the bouncing of audio.

Top Raw edit
Bottom, exported