Cubase audio monitoring problem

Hi folks,

I’ve got a problem which is probably simple but I can’t fix it so i’m after help please.

I’m recording a guitar in Cubase via a DI. This is a clean sound and i’m using a plug-in to get the amped tone.

On playback, I can hear the effect of the plug-in on the signal but the monitored sound is only giving me the clean DI sound. Try what I may, I can’t hear the plug-in sound live.

Any ideas please? I’ve tried various plug-ins (Pod., Waves and Bias FX2) and all have the same problem so i’m thinking it must be cubase or my sound card.

I’m on Cubase 11, have an RME 9632 card and using the plug-ins above. I’ve only just started using cubase again after a 6 year or so break (thank kids for that). Whereas I used to do exactly this, something has changed somewhere, but I can’t find what.

Any help much appreciated please!


You need to disable direct monitoring.

That was it, thanks so much!

I thought i’d tried that already but must have had a different setting as well if I had. Thanks again!