Cubase audio to OBS

Hello everyone!

I’m been fighting with this problem now some time and I don’t know what I should do so I hope that someone here could help me.

So the thing is that I’m music composer and I’ve been planning now for some time to make activily youtube videos about composing stuff etc… but my problem is that I can’t get audio to OBS from Cubase artist 11.

I’ve now tried to use voicemeeter and other stuff and settings I’ve found from forums, youtube etc… but as soon as I start to record and open cubase, audio just vanishes.

Is here someone who can help me with this problem?

thanks in advance.


Do you use any Steinberg Audio Device? If yes, enable the Loopback on the Control Panel. Then the output is rooted back to the input and you can use it.

It depends on your audio interface and your OS.
Which OS and interface do you use?

It was long enough ago that I don’t recall the specifics. But it was caused by using the Windows Audio Driver vs. the ASIO driver - not sure which worked but I think it was the ASIO.

you can use ReaStream plugin
of Reaper completely free


just install the plugin in Obs

and put it as an insert on the cubase output

Only problem with this is unless reaper update the plugin from VST 1, this method will eventually be obsolete in future Cubase versions.

BlueCatAudio also has a plugin (not free, though) that routes audio and midi between apps

at least it has the merit of working for now