Cubase - Authorize Steinberg Activation Manager

Hi there, I am trying to install Cubase LE but it wants an Activation Code and the screen hangs on “Authorize Steinberg Activation Manager”. Can you please send me a licence number so I can use this software?

Thank you.

Hm. That’s not a thing. Screen shot please?

How do I get a licence?

Follow the instructions in the screenshot you posted. Cubase LE is included with hardware devices, and the DAC shouyld be in the package.

Can you please send me a licence for Cubase LE. I want to try the software before buying. Your Activation Manager simply does not work!

Do you understand that you are posting to a public forum?

Please refer to the main steinberg website to learn about the products they make.

It actually does.

I have bought a device off Trademe and it hasn’t arrived yet. I just want to get the software running before my device arrives. Cant you just send me a licence key for the trial version?

Please, Alison. Read the messages I took the trouble to write to you.

Also, beware - the person you bought it from has the license, and must transfer it to you.

There is no trial version for Cubase LE. No need … it’s free of charge, because it’s bundled with hardware.
If you bought used hardware, the previous owner needs to transfer the license to you.