Cubase automatically changing ":" into "/" in file name when bouncing

Hey Guys,

I’m running into a little issue with Cubase 10. I usually copy the timecode from bar 0 and paste it in the file name when I’m bouncing a cue. In Cubase 9.5, when I paste the timecode it would look something like this: “”. But in Cubase 10 it looks like this: “01:02:15:02” and in the process of bouncing, cubase will automatically change it to “01/02/15/02”. I don’t mind it but I heard complains from the music editor that the slashes in the name are causing problems when importing the file into other DAWS. I know I can just rename the files myself but it can be time consuming when I’m printing several files per day. Do you guys know any work arounds?

The problem is certain characters, like :, ^, ~, etc can’t be used in file names. and it differs between OSes.

So, don’t use those characters. Hyphens are always good, for instance.