Cubase automatically loads previous file in New Project

Hi all,

I am very, very new to Cubase, so please excuse what is likely a dumb question. I am using Cubase LE AI Elements 8 (64 bit) and running Windows 7. For the moment, all I have been doing is recording my solo classical guitar playing to a single track.

Now to the issue: When I click on New Project, the New Project track window automatically loads a previously recorded audio track. It doesn’t carry the name of the saved file, just the generic name of the input for the new track. So I either have to record over the automatically loaded track or delete it. On the grand scale of human suffering, this doesn’t score very high, but I would rather eliminate this problem. Any advice would be appreciated.


OK, the newbie has figured out his mistake. I had created my own New Project template and had unwittingly saved it with an old track still showing. Problem solved. Sorry for the trouble.