Cubase automation curve not available on FX parameter

Hi all, perhaps my question is a little bit stupid but I’m surprised of something not possible with automation of FX parameter: curve not possible.

I’m using a VST plugin to control DMX (EMU VST plugin) and with fader parameters (value from 0 to 255) I cannot draw a curve, no point to add a bezier one. I can put points but it’s always step points, no way to have curves such as with volume for example.
Is it a limitation ?

I’m not a Cubase to check the details. If you select a data point, on the Info Line you can set how it changes values by a Jump or Ramp. I think added data points use whichever Jump/Ramp was used last.

Thanks for this proposal but I cannot change the way points are linked. Info bar show:
Only type (which parameter), start, end and ending point settings.
I’m thinking that I cannot create curves because values are not percentages but direct values. With other plugins, parameters that are percent values accept curves.

Hi @Mickael_Lacoste

If you can’t draw a curve with the curve automation tool, it’s probably restricted by design.

The plugin tells Cubase that it expects an integer value in the range of 0 to 255 for this parameter.
As there is no in-between when it comes to integer values a ramp doesn’t make any sense and is therefore not offered. Whole number values only.

I understand this concept but I don’t know why it could not be possible to use ramp or curve: Cubase should convert to integer before sending, that’s all. It’s the same story with MIDI CC, it’s only integer but it’s possible to use ramps and curves … I hope that it will be an enhancement because when using automation to control lights (by DMX protocol which is now available in VST Live) we need to perfom some move from a value (position) to another by sliding it, not just switching.

Hi, is there a way to put requirement for this feature that should be developed mainly because now, with VST Live, Steinberg is trying to play with DMX ?!

Since we’re able to use ramps in MIDI CC lanes, why not on automation lanes even if the parameter is integer only?

I would create a new topic with this as a feature request. (Don’t forget to use the “feature-request” tag.)

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:man_shrugging: I am not a developer but only a customer.
NB: I made a quick test regarding the timeline resolution when using MIDI CC and MIDI CC automation. When I used old-school MIDI CC I could put more events in a second, ie. I had a finer resolution compared to automation.

Cubase 13 now and … oups … always not possible to use ramps for interger parameters in automation … but many thanks for your answer and proposal to add a feature-request