Cubase automation handling issue - cc values stop updating (cpr project file attached)

Starting from measure#9 (-> see attached Cubase project file) the automation data stops updating (values updates stopped on “41”). No idea what could be the cause… Looks like an internal Cubase error with handling automation data.
This issue affected my bigger project (~100MB) and caused a lot of frustrations…
Tested on Cubase 10.0.30 and 10.0.40 / Windows 10 64bit (the same issue appears).

I’d appreciate any suggestions on what can cause it and how to fix it.Cubase_AutomationFreeze_v1.cpr (202.5 KB)

I tried your project and was able to reproduce the issue. I can continue to hear the changes, but the automation display gets stuck at 41. Looks like a bug.

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Additionally, in my case, cc data is sent only if there is a cc data point (no smooth value changes are sent between points).

I’m attaching the simplified project (with 2 measures only) to better depict the issue → Cubase_AutomationFreeze_v9_CC74_FreezeOn41value.cpr

Some facts:

  • There is exactly the same automation data on both CC1 and CC74 (–> see ‘CC1_CC74_same_data_in_Browse_Project’ screenshot)
  • MIDI Monitor shows that CC1 sends intermediate values however CC74 transmit data only in data points (–>see MIDI_Monitor_output screenshot)

In short:

  • although the CC1 and CC74 data are equal (at least on Cubase GUI level) → the CC74 data freezes on measure #2.
  • Can’t figure out what causes the freezing of CC74.

p.s. the CC1 and CC74 are just examples and can be replaced by any other CCs. The real issue that causes freezing seems to be invisible from Cubase GUI… :confused:

Cubase_AutomationFreeze_v9_CC74_FreezeOn41value.cpr (171.9 KB)