Cubase Automation is amazing

The automation system in Cubase (Pro 8) is outstanding.

I’d posted about the Automation Lines being too small and asked about changing the colors of the lines (not lanes). I was told it is not possible, however, I found this. The automation lines do appear in the same color as the track! That is exactly what I wanted. This way, all the automation for the audio outputs from the instruments appear with a unified color scheme.

I’d still like to have some control over the automation line width and node size – I find both a bit too small. It’s not unworkable as it currently is and now that I see how the line’s colors can be changed to match the track’s color, it’s smooth sailing into the Automation Ocean for me. I have some automation related questions but will get to those later.

Good work Cubase team. Thank you. :smiley:

Virgin territory makes it very fast to work now :nerd: