Cubase & Bandicam

Hiya folks, my first post & yes I’m looking for some help lol :slight_smile:
I’m using Bandicam to screen capture video & sound from my Cubase project but cant seem to get the sound to transfer. If I use the full duplex driver within Cubase then I do get sound but it’s very choppy and frankly sounds rubbish.
I’m using the Akai ELE Pro interface with the ASIO for All drivers, works perfect with Cubase. I’ve tried pretty much all I can think of so any help from you guys would be very welcome. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

You are probably on Windows, right?

I don’t know Bandicam, but in general, you have to route the output from Cubase to this software somehow. Some virtual driver, and virtual cables for routing would be needed here (if you don’t want to route it by using real cables and D/A-A/D convertors i.e.: Line Out to Line In).

Currently one of the best solution:

Soundflower on Mac.

That done the trick! Thanks for all your help guys. Now back to making music :slight_smile: Oh, pc btw :wink:

Here’s how to do it - I made a 7-step manual: