Cubase basics. - Events and parts. umm...

What is the difference between an event and a part and why does there need to be a difference?

We are working on a project with various cuts in the audio file.

Some of the sections ‘events’ have been glued together.

In the cubaselogicworld some ‘events’ have now become a ‘part’ .

We would like to transpose the ‘part’.

Only thing is in the info line there is no ‘transpose’ function like there is in the ‘event’.

We cannot see how to go back and turn the ‘part’ back to an event.

There is a cubaselogicworld explanation we are sure just somewhere along the line the details have eluded me.

Tried reading the PDF Operation Manual page 42. but my eyes go funny trying to read in the fluorescent glare of a computer monitor.


Part is a container for one or multiple events.

History. During the period of Roman Empire (or something like that) Cubase used to be a MIDI sequencer. There we had MIDI “events” (like note on, note off, CC, pitch bend change, etc) which were contained in “parts”, which could be moved/copied/etc. This was revolutionary concept back then, BTW.

Now, when they threw in audio, they used the same concept. “Event” is a single audio clip stored into “part”. Everything is still nice and clean.

Not enter Cubase SX. They realised there’s no need to keep audio “event” inside a “part” and made it possible to have “events” directly on tracks. But still they kept audio “parts” to make it possible to move/copy multiple events as a single block.

Bounce? Thank you for that. [I do not know what it means but it sounds healthy so keep it up Immortal.]

Ok. So once an event goes into a ‘part’ how do you transpose it, or fine-tune it like you would if it were still an ‘event’.

Or how do you go back from a ‘part’ to an ‘event’?

I am sure it is simple thing in cubaselogicworldsystem. :smiley:


You mean jump up and down on my chair? Tried that. :laughing:

Maybe looking up the term in the manual’s index would serve you better. :bulb: :unamused:

if you jump half meter u gona be transposed by semi tone ! :wink:

u can bounce multiple audio event on the same track from the “audio menu” or process(dont remember which one)
you can select all or as many audio events on a track and bounce them, which means now you created a new audio event (and file) from those events. now you can use all other processes as transpose within the new event

That’s that Pee-Dee-Eff thingy we’ve bin taukin bout in other threads :wink:
This question would never have arisen had they printed the manual in the first place huh!

Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the PDF is soooooooooooooo hard to deal with!!!

People are just too lazy to read. C4 came with a printed manual yet the forums were full of people asking the same stupid questions over and over and over. Not only that, it became obsolete with the first update.

sigh… You mean p.42? Thank you immortal. Have a nice day.

Obviously you’re doing something wrong, it always works here.

Thank you mozizo.
Seems like a bit convoluted but ok if it works fine, I just there might be a simpler way.

As for immortal what can I say? you may think people are stupid and call people stupid, but maybe you yourself are just not getting the point. I have read the manual many times, just need to clarify something that is all. Sorry if you find it frustrating. Maybe a cup of tea would help. :smiley:

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P 42 has nothing to do with Bounce. Sorry if you took my comment personally, it wasn’t meant that way. Not good to be so emotional, the tears blur your vision. :wink:

well… i need a cup of tea…(p.54 of how to make tea with cubase 7)

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Not emotional at all. p42 explains [in part] events and parts.

A one-word comment like ‘bounce’ can mean many things, like in this case an opportunity to talk shop with some music professionals.

That is not ‘laziness’ or ‘stupidity’, ‘tearful emotionalism’ nor arrogance.

It seems to me perfectly reasonable to assert that if events can be glued together to make parts, why not also allow them to be cut to become events again without having to ‘bounce’ at all? :smiley:

why not also allow them to be cut to become events again

Of course it allows that. Dissolve Part in the Audio menu. Then you can process each event individually. For what you want to do the bounce suggestion is probably a better way to go, you can then transpose all of the events in one step.

A one-word comment like ‘bounce’ can mean many things

It has a specific meaning in Cubase when dealing with audio. I don’t mean to get snarky here, but if you don’t understand basic concepts like events, parts, and bouncing, you really need to read that manual again. (Hint: PDF readers hava a search feature. Search for “bounce”.)

A better feature is the Index I refered to earlier. :wink:

Again, you take that comment about something that refered to 3 versions in the past and nothing to do with you or this thread. :wink: :wink:

Again, a pro would have known to look up any terms he wasn’t familiar with in the place refered to. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Yes.It is basic. :slight_smile:

Which is why I titled the thread: Cubase basics.

If you read the thread I do read the manual and the relevant sections before posting. :nerd:

However the information present on the p.42 about events and parts was not clear to me. :confused:

Mozizo kindly explained the history of the terms. :slight_smile:

That is what I understand the purpose of a forum to be, to discuss matters of interest to people who use Cubase. Your suggestion that I read the manual is not offensive, just unnecessary.

Neither Mozizo not immoortal seemed to be aware of ’ Dissolve Part’ on the audio so thank you for that. :slight_smile:

I hope you do not mind if I ask questions again. Yes you can read the manual, but sometimes it is just better to ask somebody. If you find it annoying well really I cannot suggest anything to help. :neutral_face:

Perhaps you could avoid topics that look too simple for you. but thanks once again, your answer was exactly what I wanted. :smiley:

Aah now I understand! Thank you. Did you try honey with your tea? :slight_smile: