Cubase, Battery 4 and Automation

Hi guys,

I am looking for how to use best Battery 4 in Cubase.

I first opened a Battery 4 with an instrument track then I figured that I would prefer to be able to control each Battery instrument separately so I opened a Battery 4 in a rack and assigned each slot output into a Direct out > St 1/2, etc channel and activated the outputs in Cubase…
Now I would like to make, for instance, an automation on the Master filter so all instruments will be affected but:

  1. Can’t see the Master filter automation like with a single instrument track and,
  2. It seems that the Master filter in Battery does not affect every slots I am using ??

Not sure if my explanation is very clear but at the end I just want to use Battery (one instance) with separate tracks, as many as instruments I am using in my kit (let’s say 8). Like with Kontakt I guess. Does it make sense?

Any suggestions would be very appreciated, Huge Thanks