Cubase becomes non-responsive and produces a low level noise for about 1 second

I’m using cubase 11.05 Elements, UR22MKII, Buffer size = 128 samples, on Windows 10 platform.

For a few weeks I have been noticing on some of my Audiio mixdowns, certain voices stop for about a second then start playing again. I’ve tried replacing those seconds only to hear the effect somewhere else after the next mixdown.

Just recently I’ve been experiencing cubase becoming nonresponsive (I could be playing a note for instance) for about a second and plays noise that is audible but not real loud, then resumes playing my note or chord. .

I’ve seen that other people are having similar problems but i could find no solution.

Any thoughts?

Do you have any plug-in’s running in demo mode?

I had added a pluggin that I just purchesed installed. Thinking maybe it was the culprit I removed it. Still having the same problem. I notice the cursor still keeping time but the only thing coming out is noise. (Does sound like a demo, but I haven’t installed any demo’s in some time.) Also, the noise comes when the cursor is still (nothing is playing).


I don’t think so, but I am checking to make sure. It really does seem like a demo feature.

Thanks for your prompt response.


David Glotfelty

No problem. I had this happen to me a while ago and realised it was Ozone running in demo mode.
Another thing you could check is the CPU meter. See if that’s spiking.


For whatever reason it stopped. I did run the Steinberg download manager and I think I reinstalled the latest Elements file again. I’m just relieved it is gone.

Thanks so much for your time.


David Glotfelty