Cubase bezier curve fade in and out feature request

Hello Steinberg community.

I would love to request to add the bezier curve feature to the Fade in and Outs of the audio event like in the picture examples from Live 12.
The bezier curves were added to the automation curves and insanely improved the speed and workflow,
I am sure for the in and out fades it can save us lots of time for a careful audio editing experience. :slight_smile:
Thank you.


Good suggestion, though I like to double click on fade and fine tune them in the fade editor as it is now


Great idea, way faster than double clicking for simple fade changes.

Anything that reduces the amount of clicks and fussing necessary is always better, and this fits the bill! If one wants to do more detailed work than one could still double click of course.


I think we can have the double click stay and then or moved to the offline processing so we can enjoy both worlds :).


100% the less clicks the better :).

It seems like youโ€™ve discover how to create those curves now. But I agree it could be easier. It would be nice if you could at least set a default of your choosing. I donโ€™t think you can, but I may be incorrect about that.