Cubase Bidule Rewire question


I Have a question:

I’m trying to rewire plogue bidule to cubase pro,
I’m really new to this rewire stuf, so at this point i only have 16 stereo inputs in cubase (devices -> plogue bidule device rewire), but i’m sure i need more, how can i add rewire inputs (rewire channels), because i nowhere see an option to add inputs.

I hope someone can help me.

sorry for my bad English, i’m from belgium.

Thanks in advance

You need to change the amount of outputs in Bidule’s preferences. I can’t remember, but you may need to do that when Bidule is opened in standalone mode and not connected to Cuabse via Rewire.

OK Thanks i’ll try it when I’m at home
I knew it would-be something simpel

Thanks for the reply