Cubase blacklists Oxford Plugins?


I recently had a pretty disastrous virus and had to completely reinstall Windows 7 and all of my programs as a result. I’m running Cubase Elements 6 (which I only use for post-production and mixing - I record to a Yamaha AW1600).

I’ve managed to get all of my previous plugins working fine except my Sonnox Oxford reverb, which typically I tend to use more than all of my other plugins put together! I’ve reinstalled the plugin to my computer and dropped the .dll file into Cubase’s ‘VST plugins’ folder but Cubase seems to blacklist it or alternatively ignore its existence!

I bought the Sonnox Oxford reverb some time ago so I don’t know whether it’s a compatibility issue with Cubase 6? Having said that it was working fine with Cubase 6 until I came to reinstall everything so I suspect it’s something I’m doing wrong.

Any help/thoughts/advice would be very gratefully received as I’m in the middle of an album project and working to a rather scary timescale!




Can you get the Sonnox Oxford Reverb from the blacklist out? What happens next? Did you try to make “facto reset” – delete preferences?

Are you using 32- or 64-bit Cubase? If you are using 64-bit, what about the Sonnox Oxford (I’m sorry, I don’t use this, I don’t know, if this is 32- or 64-bit at this moment).


Hi Martin

All sorted! Turns out I just needed to download an update for Cubase which I found at

Thanks for your help!