Cubase Blender!

Fantastic software. But will it blend?
Israelic. Just download. A solution to windows problem.

_The software you’re looking for has been suspended and removed from the web
to be released at a future date under different branding

You have our sincere apologies

…at least I was able to download before that. A friend didn’t have the same luck.

Did Steiny took them down? :astonished:

wow… surprising. maybe some business is going on here ? not my business :unamused:

Testing right now and it’s kind of buggy. Only feature that works properly is the navigation, the others are broken.

I do not think it is Steinberg that has taken this program off line…

I think they had a problem with the name of the program infringing with an already existing program (the site suggests this). Blender is a well known free 3d-graphics program, and it is around for a long time. I myself use this program on a regular base, and when I saw its name appearing here, my first thought was: “Huh? What has Blender to do with Cubase?”. Only after reading the specs I realized It was not the program I know as Blender at all…

Guess the people behind Blender found out about the “other Blender” and where not that amused about it (I am speculating here, because I do not have an idea what really has happened).

Anyway - if someone is interested to see what the original (not Cubase related) program is about, have a look at this site:

It works perfectly fine here with C6 x64.

well the site is up again, with little change with products name :wink:

its Ver 2.1 now and should work with C7 as well.

…doesn’t seem to work too well when your cubase screen is stretched across dual monitors…

Looks good.
Could something like this be built right into to Cubase?
Like C7.5 or C8?

I will have to wait for the Mac version tho’.
Maybe by then it will be smooth sailing.