Cubase Bundle

I recent purchased what was supposed to be an Audio interface bundled with Cubase Pro 12.
when i received the bundle, it turns out to be a UR12 Steinberg Audio interface with a Cubase AI 12 + Steinberg Pro 11 upgrade with e-licenser dongle. When i requested a refund i was told "Having spoke to my colleague in the Pro Audio team, they have advised that there is nothing to concerned about with regards to the Cubase AI to Cubase Pro upgrade key. They have advised me that it automatically upgrades to the latest update.

Please try the activation key, and if you do encounter any issues, please come back to us and we’ll look to resolve the issue"

The Version is Cubase AI 12 and Cubase Pro 11 upgrade. Will this upgrade me to Cubase Pro 12 or will I need Cubase Pro 12 upgrade to able to upgrade from Cubase AI 12?

Please advise as they are not honoring my refund because they think it will work.

Where did you buy it?

Hi Steve i don’t really want to name and shame the company at this point, The advice does not sound correct. what are your thoughts?

Yes, the info sound impossible, since you cannot do an upgrade from a newer product to an older product.

what i am really looking for is an official response from Steinberg confirming if this will work or not.

this was my thought

fyi, Steinberg does not offer such a ‘bundle’. They only offer AI along with devices

I realize this I was referring to the upgrade path
Cubase A12 + Cubase Pro 11 = Cubase pro 12

Not possible.

Thank you

If you can’t sort it with them I would use the Cubase pro 11 and then upgrade to Cubase pro 12. I thought that would be free due to the grace period if the software is not activated?

Just to be clear,
They’re offering an upgrade not a new retail license.

This retailer is mistaken about how this all works.

Ah yes and with nothing to upgrade from it can’t be done. Sorry.

Thank you both for your input the shop has agreed to grant me a return, let’s see how long this takes.

Thanks again