Cubase Bundles

Why is there no higher version of Cubase, Nuendo than Pro (Cubase Advance , Ultra , Bundle , X , Whatever )
It contains all the additions as a package of Halion and Groove Agent, loops some steinberg VSTi Librares … and its price is as low as the price of a package.
Instead of buying everything alone
This will bring in more sales
Because most of the Cubase pro buyers do not have all the add-ons, but if there is an attractive offer, I will be the first to welcome

This was just a question. I hope to add these packages, Bundles in the near future

What are you asking for, again? Cubase Pro comes with Padshop/Retrologue/HALion Sonic SE/Groove Agent SE, and has more presets and sample content than Artist and Elements.

What else do you want to see bundled in there?

I’m not talking about
I am talking about the full versions and all the expansions that do not come with the pro version

Probably because they sell a product bundle separately that covers this, Absolute.

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I am talking about the full versions and all the expansions that do not come with the pro version

Oh, like Steinberg’s Absolute VST Instrument Collection?

Yes - though Absolute only includes a selection of extensions, not every single one.

If you are looking to buy Absolute, it seems that there is a new version of HALion coming, which might lead to a new version of Absolute. That said, the timescales are uncertain; it may still be months away.

I highly doubt it.

How much money would you be willing to spend on top of the base software to get everything else Steinberg offers? There simply is not a market for it, in my view.

The best thing to do, if you are interested in the “add ons”, is wait for promotional discounts to come around and purchase at that time.

The amount of people buying Cubase/Nuendo that actually would be interested in all the extra software Steinberg offers has to be nearly non-existent.

im afraid I’ve been misunderstood
All I would like to suggest is that the Pro version be present and not canceled
But there is a higher version of Pro
Example " Cubase Ultra " that includes all the expansions with the full version of groove agent and halion not SE versions that come with Cubase Pro

This will make me instead of buying the Pro buy the higher version that contains everything at once with low price

Your idea of “everything” isn’t my idea of “everything”, I guess.

It would only be targeting new customers, anyway. What happens when paid updates come around?

It just doesn’t make sense.