Cubase can’t see CD player

I’ve tried importing a reference track for mixing from a CD but Cubase cannot see my CD player.
I know that question was asked a few years back but I Cant see an answer.

Maybe MediaPlayer/iTunes works for grabbing the audio track?

OS, Cubase version, type of CD drive, how it’s connected (USB or SATA), any other clues?
If Windows, try the excellent ACDR first, to check whether the hardware is working.

Cubase can’t grab audio from CD. You need to use a grabbing software.

On import, there is an option for grabbing audio from a cd

Back in the day I know you could grab audio from CDs because an engineer used this to grab our drummer’s snare drum from our CD and replace one which had a sneeze we hadn’t noticed. He did this with an earlier version of Cubase. I was watching him.

It’s just the CD player that is part of my PC. I’m not sure how it’s connected inside.

I know that the hardware is working because I can play CDs in it.

[] Johnny_Moneto
April 14

Maybe MediaPlayer/iTunes works for grabbing the audio track?

Yes, I know I could get some software to rip the track, but it’s yet another program to boot up, when I know this option is available within Cubase.

Yes you are right. There is a grabber included in the import section.
Never used it before.
But it only imports audio CD’s. Make sure it’s a compatible CD.

Well, nobody knows which version of Cubase you use … and I don’t have a CD drive, so I can’t even test this stuff anymore => I’m out.

Yes it can, and it’s a function that’s been in Cubase for as long as I can remember.

I suggested using another program in order to test your hardware. Playing an audio CD in Media Player is a good start, but can you rip audio from the CD, using any software other than Cubase?

In other words, let’s determine whether the problem is with your CD drive or Cubase first.

Yes. Ripped the track using VLC, however this track won’t actually load as a wav file into Cubase. Not sure if it’s ripped correctly or not, though the ripped file plays with Windows media player.

Btw I’m using Cubase pro 12. I haven’t got the updates as the Steinberg downloader doesn’t work with my system (Windows 10,) and I haven’t gotten around to downloading it onto my laptop and putting it onto my desktop PC. (Actually I’m a bit nervous about doing this in case all goes t##s up!)

All I can tell you is that for me, on Windows 10 22H2, with Cubase 12.0.60, audio import from CD works fine.
I guess it’s all the usual recommendations

  • update Cubase, and/or reinstall it.
  • is Windows 10 updated
  • is there any other CD writing software installed?

Thanks for your suggestions… I’ll have a look at updating