cubase cannot find battery 3


All my VST plug-ins are recognised by cubase 7.5 except battery 3.
I have copied the .dll file (BConvert64.dll) to steinberg VST plug-ins folder and run battery standalone first
and scanned for plug-ins (update plug-ins) but still not working.

The Battery 3.dll file path is program files (x86), Common Files, Steinberg, Battery 3.

I read somewhere that Battery 32 bit not compatible with Cubase 64 bit?

I use GA4 and Maschine mainly but curious as to why not work
Any feedback appreciated

No way! Battery 3 doesn’t work on 64bit?? I don’t like version 4. This could be a problem.

Im not sure. Battery 3 worked on Cubase 6 fine.

If you google “Battery 3 and Cubase” there is a KVR topic where someone had same problem
and resolved it by downloading a small program file to correct the bridging problem.

I may try in the morning. Hope so cause Battery 3 has some good drum kits and editing features.

Im running windows 7 64bit so you may not have a bit-bridge problem anyway

Suggest that you check to ensure the stand alone version is set to “run as administrator”.

Regards :sunglasses:

Why are you trying to use 32-bit Battery 3 on 64-bit Cubase anyway? Battery 3’s been available in both 32-bit and 64-bit VST since at least 2009.

I’ve been using 64-bit Battery 3 on 64-bit Cubase (5.0 through 7.5); works great.

Definitely!! Get the 64-bit version and end your headache.

Sorry people, i confused the issue with my first post.

When i installed Battery 3 it installed both 32 and 64 bit versions, so the .dll program file path shows both 32 and 64 bit versions. I have copied the 64bit.dll file to the cubase vst plug-ins folder but still not working.

Maybe i need to move the 64bit.dll file path from programs (x86) to programs folder? :mrgreen:

Having just read your first post again can I ask if your trying to use BConvert64.dll as the battery dll in your 64bit vst file?

Cos that may be your problem. I’ve just looked through my vst folders and the dll for battery is just named battery3.dll this is for both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Don’t know if that helps or not but it may be worth just reinstalling battery.

Hi Ants.

Yes, BConvert64.dll IS the file directory name that i am seeing! also when i hover the mouse the file
description shows 32bit for some reason. This is not right.

I will try an uninstall and re-install later today and post result in case anyone else has had this
similar problem


Like I said I’m pretty sure your vst should just be called battery3.dll.
I using windows 7 64bit and I have checked both my 32 and 64 bit folders and I do not have a Bconvert64.dll anywhere.
Good luck hope you find a solution soon

Hi Dan

Just to make sure,have you put the 64Bit Battery dll in the Cubase 64bit VST directory? This would be (in my case anyway) c:/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 7.5/VSTPlugins,or something very close to that!Check the path in the ,“Devices/Plugin Information/Paths” dialog within Cubase itself

Best Regards


Hi Dave

Just re-installed battery 3 and the .dll path is C:/program files(x86)/common files/native instruments/battery 3.

All my other Komplete programs dll files are installed in program files/native instruments/VST plug-ins 64 bit. (I have copied here but no luck)
Also it is called BConvert64.dll, and as Ants pointed out, no-one else seems to have this .dll file name.

Maybe an NI issue me thinks :open_mouth:

Hi Dan

Just checked on my machine and I have Battery 3.dll (it is the 64bit one, same name as the 32bit) in the C:/program files/ Steinberg/VSTPlugins folder (that is where I install all my VST’s). Anything in the C:/program files(x86)folder (or subfolders) will be 32bit. You will have to check where the 64bit battery file went when you installed it. Have you checked the Plug-in Information dialog in Cubase itself under the Devices menu. If you look there you will see whether you have the 64bit version installed. Under the SDK column it will say (win32)if it is the 32bit version and “VST 2.4” if it is the 64bit . I do know that NI automatically put their VST’s in an NI folder if you don’t change it on installation, so if you haven’t pointed Cubase to the right place they won’t show up.

Best Regards


I Googled “BConvert64.dll” and found this… you may want to check out this website:

Good luck.

I would suggest you do not download anything from that page, those type of virus detect programs will always find something, but then they’ll make you pay for the bit that so say cleans your system. Leave well alone.

If you right click your battery 3.dll file, then under PROPERTIES select DETAILS, it should show if this is the 64-bit file under Product Version.

It is best to delete all 32 bit versions of battery, so only the 64-bit version exist, and best to put it the Cubase VST Plug in s folder, and not within the x86 folder.

I don’t have a Bconvert64.dll on my system, but then, I never installed the 32-bit version in the first place, so maybe that is where it comes from. So probably safe to just delete that file as well.

dan700, I realized that Cubase 7.5 is a mess in many ways.

Go to Menu Devices > Plug-in Information and add the exact path of the Folder that contains the dll-File you want to load to the VST2.x-Plug-in Paths. Exit and restart Cubase. Does it solve your problem?

I didn’t mean for anyone to download something from that website, sorry if that was thought to be my intention. It was more of a head’s up to the fact that his machine may be infected with some ‘junk’ and it needs to be cleaned.

Thanks to you all for your help.

I,ll look into the file paths for battery later today and delete the 32-bit version.

Not to worry i wont download anything im not totally sure of :mrgreen: , but thanks for the pointer.

Will post back hopefully with a result

Thankyou people for all your help and support. This is a good forum.

Got Battery 3 running inside Cubase now!

However, not sure how. I uninstalled Battery and re-installed a couple of times and the
last time it showed Battery3.dll (not BConvert64.dll). It installed in the default
path: program files/Native Instruments/VST Plug-ins 64 bit.
The application program installed in program files/Native Instruments.

Both bit versions installed and pointed Cubase plug-in VSTx2 path to look at the
64 bit.dll wwhich it did and added to the instrument inserts.

The only minor (and unlikely) thing i can think of is when i ran the Komplete setup application i selected
VST plug-in enable feature (not enable ENTIRE feature on hard drive).
Bit of a ramble but like to try to explain when something gets resolved.