Cubase cannot find Zoom R8

Hi have recently bought a new laptop, reactivated Cubase 11 elements. On my old laptop I had no problems connecting to my Zoom R8 as an interface.
On the new laptop, go to studio settings select ZOOM R8 ASIO Driver, window asks Do you want to switch ASIO Driver, click switch, then new window flags No Device.
Drivers are installed properly, as I use Band in a Box and it recognises ZOOM R8 for audio recording.
If someone can assist me with this problem it would be very much appreciated.


I’m sorry, Zoom drivers are very poor. I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL instead of the Zoom driver.

Other users solve their issue the same way.

Hi Martin
Thanks for that, the Zoom driver information answers a lot frustration and lost time,

I have just same problem. When i install ASIO4ALL, zoom is only a soudcard! I cannot use any off these possibilityes, that zoom tells. Any buttoms dont work!

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Sorry, I don’t own Zoom Device, so I don’t know, what specific functions are you talking about. But in general, you are right, ASIO4ALL replaces the specific driver by the generic one, so you loose the specific functions.

But, if you mean the Mackie Control features, you can use it even with the ASIO4ALL. The MIDI port is independent, I believe.

Just an update on my experience with using Zoom R8 as an interface with cubase.
I used ASIO4ALL for a time , although better there were still some issues, Eventually I put aside the R8 as an interface and purchased a Steinberg UR12 and as expected have had no further issues.