Cubase Can't create project because folder is "write protected"

Cubase Can’t create project because folder is “write protected”.
if I select one of the folders inside of it it creates ok, but when I select this main folder it keeps giving this error, even if I click “continue”


Double check the folder permissions, please. Probably you are not allowed to write to this folder.

the folder is set to “read-only”, I tried un-checking “read only” as administrator, but it keeps reverting back to “read only”


Set it to Read & Write, please.

need to get the different right access to manage otherwise it always be protected.

Windows won’t allow writing to some folders. I noticed that this has become more strict in a recent Win10 update.

What’s the full path of the folder you’re trying to write to?

Path is very short , maybe that’s the reason ?

I went an gave permission for read and write to admin and user and unclicked “read only” , but it keeps reverting back to “read only” again

I would suggest to check the ownership of the H drive (and the folder “Project”). Change the ownership under security settings and then grant read/write (all) rights. Maybe that helps. (Was the H drive transferred from a different PC ?).