Cubase can't find Halion 1 instruments

I’ve recently changed my computer, and now run Windows 7. My Cubase 5 Essential runs, but I downloaded the 5.1.1 upgrade, and although it works I can’t access the vst’s in Halion 1, althoughHalion 1 seems to have loaded OK. Can anyone suggest how I can resurrect them?

Have you updated/refreshed your VST list?

Not directly. I thought installing the update would keep everything “as was” in that respect. Can you advise how to do it (I’m not good on software tweaking!) Many thanks

Well, I have not updated Cubase in years, but I’ve experiences with missing VSTi instruments from my instrument list before…mostly my third party ones.

But check here, should be similar procedures to refreshing your instrument list… give it a shot…

VST Plug-in Troubles (Cubase and Nuendo only)

If Cubase/Nuendo hangs or quits during the start up or while loading a specific project file it is likely that an installed VST plug-in is causing trouble.
Temporarily hiding installed VST plug-ins from Cubase/Nuendo is an easy and effective way to verify if a specific plug indeed is sabotaging your sequencer.
Of course, for this operation you need to know all VST plug-ins folders Cubase/Nuendo is knowing…

Locating VST Plug-in Folders

In Cubase/Nuendo, select “Plug-in Information” from the “Devices” menu.
Make sure the “VST PlugIns” tab is selected and click on “VST 2.x Paths”.
The VST 2 paths known to Cubase/Nuendo will be listed. Write them down, make a screenshot or simply memorize them.
Additionally, consider the VST 3 plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

Hiding VST Plug-ins

The following steps describe only one possible application of the “hiding strategy”. Of course you can have your own approach if you’ve understood the basic idea.

Quit Cubase/Nuendo.
Navigate to the first VST plug-in folder (refer to the note or screenshot you’ve made before, or your memory).
Assuming the folder is named “VSTPlugins”, rename it to “VSTPlugins_hidden”. This will hide it from Cubase/Nuendo.
Restart Cubase/Nuendo.
If necessary, load the problematic project. In this case Cubase/Nuendo will complain about missing plug-ins. Simply ignore corresponding error messages.

If the problem persists, it obviously is not related to a VST plug-in inside this hidden folder. In this case rename the folder to its original name and repeat the procedure with the next VST plug-ins folder on your list.

If hiding one of the folders actually fixed the problem you still don’t know the bad guy but, after all, you know where he is living… In order to identify the problematic plug-in create a new folder next to the hidden one and give him the original name, in this example “VSTPlugins”. Now you can move the most suspicious plug from the renamed folder (e.g. “VSTPlugins_hidden”) to the new one (e.g. “VSTPlugins”). Restart Cubase/Nuendo and see if it still runs correctly. Repeat moving plug-ins and restarting Cubase/Nuendo until you’ve finally isolated the trouble maker. In case you have a lot of plug-ins installed moving half of the them at a time might speed up the search.

Here’s something else I found…

When you open the ‘Plug-in Information’ window to view the list of plugins, make sure that they all have a checkmark to the left of each plugin. This indicates that they are active. You can click the ‘update’ button at the top to refresh the list.

Also, click the button ‘VST Plugin Paths’. Make sure that the folders containing your Cubase 5 vst plugins are on the list. Usually it’s C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 5\VSTPlugins. If this folder is not in the list, click the ‘add’ button and browse for this folder.

Go back and click the ‘update’ button again.

Thanks for guidance. No joy though. When I create a new project (say a jazz production) it tells me it can’t find Halion 1 instruments.If I go to Devuces\VST instruments in the project it says Halion 1 is missing. However it exists in Cubase Essential 5 | Additional Content. I copied the Halion 1 folder to the VST Plug ins folder but still no joy. Clearly it is within the system s why can’t Cubase find it! Most frustrating. I e-mailed Steinberg support, but have not had a response.