Cubase causes computer to restart in Mavericks.

I posted in the Issue Reports section here, but - just in case there’s an easy fix - I’m wondering if any other users have had/solved the same problem:

When I’m starting up a project that has an external midi track sometimes - maybe once every 4 attempts - Cubase will crash and take down my whole computer, meaning I instantly hear the CD-loading sound and I get the “Your computer restarted because of a problem” screen.

Last night it happened when Cubase had successfully been loaded up and was just sitting there and not even playing.

Does this sound familiar to anybody? It’s a pretty serious problem in my books.


That’s nasty. Sounds like a kernel panic? Usually suggest a hardware problem e.g. faulty RAM or possibly corrupted Core Audio driver.

What do you mean by an external MIDI track?

By external midi track I mean that I create a midi track, then assign the output to, in this case, my Prophet 12 Module.

I’m going to try re-saving those projects going through the midi out of my RME Babyface and see if that changes anything.

Nope, just had Cubase open in the background with a regular midi track routed to the Babyface output and it kernel panicked (or whatever the problem is) again.


The annoying thing is that I use this same computer at work all day, every day, without a problem. As soon as I fire up Cubase lately… crash city.

Just removed prefs and started again. Fingers crossed.

I just got a crash I sometimes get where Cubase - only Cubase, not the whole computer - goes down after creating a midi track and then clicking to change from Visibility to Inspector. Not sure if that’s related, though still annoying.

I got a crash yesterday after starting the export process in Cubase then going over to Chrome. Poof! Down goes the whole computer again.

I used Cubase from about 1992 (Cubase Score, if you can remember that!) until SX3. I remember the update process was always quite picky - remove dongle, repair permissions, reinstall the software in some cases, update, re-connect the dongle, etc, etc…

Recently I’ve been just updating Cubase as if it was a “normal” OSX app, i.e. leaving the dongle connected, not repairing permissions or the like. Is this bad practice?