Cubase causing windows crash

Hi all,

Cubase 11.0.30
Windows 10 64-bit (up to date)
32Gb RAM
3.60 Ghz CPU

I’ve been using Cubase for years and not had a problem like this before. I’m starting to get random crashes and freezes where my PC stops responding to all input - I can’t move the mouse, can’t Ctrl+Alt+Delete, nothing. Sometimes my PC just shut off altogether. The crashes/freezes always happen randomly, with no warning. I’m not getting any audio dropout or stuttering. It’s not based on what I’m doing at the time - mostly happens when using basic editing functions like trying to paste audio/MIDI sections, editing MIDI notes on the piano roll.
I’ve checked and Cubase is not creating any crash dumps which isn’t much help. All my third party plugins are legitimate and up to date, but it doesn’t seem like they would cause the issue - especially when I’m not using their GUI or trying to play audio.

Don’t suppose any one else has had similar problems? My only thought is that the most recent windows update could be causing the issues. I need to fix this ASAP as I rely on Cubase to do my job.


Hi and welcome on the forum,

Could you please attach the *.dmp file?

That may be some hardware issues - I would check that your CPU Cooler is clean and also remove and reinstally your RAM a few times - the connections can corrode/become slightly dirty. Pulliing them out and reinstalling cleans off the connections.


Hi Buzz, that’s a good suggestion. I guess that could be the issue. It does only happen when using Cubase though - I managed to play Civilization 6 for hours last night with no issue, but perhaps Cubase is using more RAM than that game. Worth a go though, thanks.

I agree it sounds like a hardware issue. You should also check Windows’ Reliability Monitor. It’s not always helpful though. I recently had a bad system hard drive causing similar symptoms. The log only showed that there was an unexpected shutdown. I diagnosed it, unfortunately, through trial-and-error.

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Thanks for the suggestions - I managed to discover (after a LOT of testing) that one of my RAM sticks has gone bad. I’ve taken the culprit out and my system has been stable for 10 hours now, so that must have been the issue. Glad it’s not a software issue!

Good that you got to the bottom of it! I have found that many issues revolve around RAM and more particularly the slots that they are in. There is almost certainly some corrosion buildup between the connectors over time.