Cubase channel strip useless?

Hi I am looking for quality virtual strip channels and find information that different DAW’s use in channel strip emulations of famous console which is top end and pro leveled class. I can’t say that Cubase has bad quality strip and it as good as many others I think, but any information on it. Basically I really like how Cubase compressors work, and 4parametric EQ. But also I saw posts of reviewers magazines that Cubase has radio quality strip channel… and any word from Steinberg… . Any thoughts about it?

What kind of bad magazines do you read? I think that the Cubase strip is a great tool for tweaking the tracks in a plain and easy way. For the more important tracks of the mix I prefer third party plugins and strips that have more glueing or colorful sounding character. But I guess the Cubase strip is one of the best internal DAW channels.

Sounds awesome. Of course there is nothing bad that Cub console hasn’t such analog color as many others 3d party plugs but it’s not a problem for me. I actually try many of them and why I asking it, I’d like to use only console strip because it convenient for me and simple without hit on quality. Special coloring or glueing effects its on taste. About magazines I can’t remember unfortunately where I found it… I just looked that time any information on DAW virtual consoles…

Maybe it’s my duff old ears but I can’t hear the Cubase channel strip - to me that means it’s doing the job perfectly! If you want to add perceived warmth then yes there are plenty of options. But IMHO the Cubase strip doesn’t sound bad because it simply doesn’t sound! :smiley:

Of course the most important thing is whether you like or dislike how something sounds - mags are trying to sell advertising space - trust your ears.

Sure Cube strip totally clear except vintage compressor ))) it gluest comp among but quite dirty on track for me. But why Steinberg not say anything about it quality or something else that could make image about strip channel? :bulb:

Its great and quality are in the highest professional level. The best tools are,Transient, Gate, the new DeEsser, Magnetic, Compressors. The gate are the best gate I have used so far, analog hardware or plugin. And the Transient channel strip sounds familiar to the hardware Elysia nvelope. SPL Transient designer sound different and so do NI Transient Master.

If you can’t work with these tools you are doing something seriously wrong?

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Not I am not saying that I can’t, I actually use them but found info about Protools for example that thay implement in strip channel their system 5 console emulation and then I try to know what actually Steinberg made, I am in use of Cubase only two years and fill with it very familiar but only now ask myself about those specs. And agree thats it sounds very nice and with simplicity in use.

Not entirely useless.

The brickwall peak limiter is really good.

The standard compressor is pretty good.

Magneto II is very good.

The Tape Saturatior is not my cup of tea, but it offers some tonal adjustments that could be useful.

Tube saturation is pretty one-dimensional. It can’t be driven to break up the signal. It seems to only offer up pretty linear, odd-order harmonics (by ear, have not tested it). It’s so “simple” and tonal sounding, it almost sounds like a retro digital hardware effect, which could actually be cool, depending on what you’re going for. But it’s not anywhere in the league of the Klanghelm SDRR plugin.

Envelope shaper is quite useable, but lacking the nuance of some third party circuit emulated versions.

Standard limiter is mostly useless to me. It does very little to tame the attack and what it does to boost the sustain is very ham-fisted and uninteresting. It sounds like harsh, digital saturation and is probably a very old algorithm.

Vintage compressor is useless. The attack on it offer no useable setting for anything I’ve tried it on.

In general, they’re useful as part of an overall strategy to offset the 6 freezable insert limit. BOOM, worked it in again! :laughing:

The Channel Strip UI is so fugly and cheap looking. It’s hard to hear past it. I wish they’d either get inspiration from Ableton’s UI or Sonar’s. They’re in this ugly, 2005 “web 2.0 design” middleground. All the gradients look like a “add to cart” button from that era, to me.

Besides Ive tried vintage comp on group track and as for me it could be useful or with drums, compared it with yamaha 760, psp mastercomp, waves, and it sounded that time quite but I prefer PSP mastercomp :slight_smile: for it sidechain options and clearest image for that time. But it not the question.

It is sad to see nothing has been done about this in all these years.

I would add the scaling of all the controls (attack, release, threshold) as well as the scaling of the meters is so ridiculous, it makes me wonder how this got signed off on to begin with.

If you look at how the controls are scaled on Fabfilter plugins (which have been around for donkeys years) you realise - thats how you design a useful interface.

The metering is almost useless. In the ‘module’ view, it is 100% useless.
Really thought they might develop this further as it is a really good idea overall. But alas…six years and nothing.