Cubase Channels [No Sound] (Solved)

After upgrading to 12.0.60 was working fine with my saved project from the version before. Come back a week later and my midi drums, Midi guitar are not making any sound for all my projects for 2023 so far. I notice it happening to all my stereo group channel the i sent my instruments to. It’s even happen to my midi drums as well for group channel i sent it to. Man this sucks & is absolutly fustrating with over 17 projects i mixed and wrote for days/hours with dead lines coming close.

Anyone experiancing this or have anyfixes to solving this issue?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you talking about MIDI tracks? Where are they routed to? Or are you talking about an Instrument tracks?

Could you attach MixConsole screenshot with the Routing tab expanded, please?

Hey Martin, Thank you for your reply man & thank you.

My virtal Instrument im using using midi. My routing is Virtal insturment sent to a "Group Buss channel (Guitar Group). When i take it off the channel it has sound again. I made a video of the group channels.

You might have to download it to see it better.


What do you mean by this, please?

When i click the Virtal instrument, under “inspector” → where the “e” is next to track name “Edit Channel Settings”. Changing the “output” from “Guitar Group (Group Track)” back to “Stereo Out” Give sound back to my virtual instrument Guitar. From looking at the meters there is no sound going in my Guitar Group channel where before i had no issue until i upgraded. I will put a video below. Note you wont be able to hear anything due sound capture issues with window & uad.


What is the source of the Stereo Out signal in this video? Are there other Instrument Tracks soloed?

Do I understand you correct, if you change the Instrument Track’s output from Group directly to the Stereo Out, you get the signal on the Stereo Out, right? Are there any Insert effects on the Group? Is it the same if you add a new Group Track and you route the signal thru this new Group?

My plugin was disabled where to sign back into ilok. It fixed the issue “Disabling you plugins” in the inserts will do nnot solve it so remove 1 by 1 or check them by opening each plugin - 12.0.60 is running strong!