Cubase Chord Editing

Please may someone help me out. Im gettting frustrated af!!! Why when i am in chord editing in the piano roll, it only allows me to draw a major chord even when I select the little arrow next one of the other options like sus2 or min? even when i select one under the 4 note chord section, it only allows me to draw a maj chord!?

I dont know if this will be helpful but when i draw the chord, a little ’ x ’ pops up next to the draw tool.

Hi and welcome,

Could you attach a screenshot, please? I cannot imagine the ‘x’.

It works to me as expected here.

I marked the areas I’m talking about.


The arrow says, which chord type will be drawn. The chord name says, to which Chord type do you want to change the selected chord.

So my expectation is that you have drawn Cmin first, then you clicked to the maj so the selected (last written) chord changed from min to maj.

The X you see is weird to me. You should see the Chord name instead of the X. At least at the moment of writing.

I it doesn’t work this way, could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

I did draw the Cmin chord but it changed it to a maj chord. It doesn’t mattter which chord i select, it always just draws it to a maj. I tried starting it in safe mode but no luck.


As I mentioned, the reason is that the maj is selected. On my side it works so that once I click to draw a new chord, the maj/min, etc. is synced with the arrow settings. So when the arrow is selected next to the min, the selection jumps over to min automatically once I click.

As Martin said, use the arrow button to the right of the chord name to draw that chord.
Clicking on the chord name button will change selected notes to that chord. (See the popup’s when you hover these buttons).

So after drawing your minor chord, did you then click on another major chord name button? Don’t do that, click on the arrow button next to your next chord name and don’t care that “the old” chord name button is still highlighted. As soon as you start drawing the notes, the chord name button follows to your new chord choice.

The X is weird, it should be the name of the chord that you are drawing…

Regarding that chord name popup, it’s has a bit bizarre enharmonic spelling:
I get C chords named B#, and F chords get named E# when drawing notes. (Selecting them afterwards show C, F correctly though).
This should be updated. Do you get that too Martin? If so, could you please report it to have that corrected?
[I’m on version 10.0.40, it might have been updated]


Yes, I have the same here B# and E#. I’m on Cubase 10.5.12.

I will report it to Steinberg.

I click the arrow next to the chord name first, for example i click the arrow next to the min chord name so when i draw in the chord it should draw a minor chord but it doesnt, when i start drawing in the chord, it automatically changes it to a maj without me even selecting it. It does the same thing with any other arrow i select. I did download the update to 10.5.12 to see if it maybe was a bug but its still doing it.


Did you disabled the preferences when you started in Safe Start Mode?

Could you try to reinstall Cubase?

Hi Martin,
Was this bug reported to Steinberg?

I just installed Cubase 11 and tested this, and this bug still exists in C11.0.


Yes it was reported to Steinberg.