cubase Click track help.

Hello, im having an issue. i have a tune that im trying to record and the intro to the song counts out as “123 123 123 1234” which i think would be 3/3 time to 4/1 time then repeat. I cant seem how to get it. has anyone come across this? i have no problem doing time changes like 3/4 - 4/4 - 7-4 . just this one has stumped me. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Hi and welcome,

You have to Add an Signature track, and make the signature markers before the recording.

3/3 is not a musical time signature. The denominator (what you have written as the lower “3”), has to be a musical fraction of a whole note (a “whole-note” being four “quarter-notes”, eight 8th-notes etc.). It is the frequence at which you’d hear the click, or with which you ‘tap’ if you were conducting. The upper figure (the “numerator”) is just the number of them there are in a bar. [your proposed “3/3” would be trying to divide a whole-note into three equal parts, and, because there are three of them here, that would take exactly the same time as a bar of four quarter-notes… i.e. a bar of 4/4 but with only three (slower) clicks in it :wink:.]
So here, looking at your intro, that would indeed be three bars of 3/4 , followed by one bar of 4/4 (then repeating).

What Vic said.